Eraser stamped lavender sachet for my friend 友人に消しゴムはんこのラベンダーサシェ

My girlfriend is losing sleep from her medical conditions and stress.  I wish I have a quick remedy for her, but unfortunately I don't... Feeling so helpless, I made a quick gift for her. It's a handmade sachet packed with organic dried lavender. 


In the center of the sachet I stamped my hand carved eraser stamp that I carved a while ago.  The size of the linen square is 3" (7.5 cm) square.


Back side of the sachet.


If you are interested in making this eraser stamped lavender sachet, you can find it in my book. I used my hand carved eraser stamp for this project, but you can pick any stamp you like and stamp it onto the center of the block to make an unique, one of a kind gift item or to keep for yourself.

Hope my friend can sleep well tonight with this sachet at her bed side...



***Love, Amy***

1 comment:

Christine said...

What a lovely present! I love your stamp.


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