Ribbon tote for Quilt Market! キルトマーケット参加用にリボントートを作りました

Hello everyone from Houston☆Texas!

Here's the bag I whipped up for Quilt Market last night.  The pattern is called "Rae's Ribbon Tote" and it's from one of my new zakka patterns!  There are total of eight zakka patterns that I am introducing at the Market and this is just one of them!

I will be back with more images from the Quilt Market. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

From my chick chick handmades patterns: Rae's Ribbon Tote



キルトマーケットでの様子はまたお伝えさせてくださいね! 皆さんも良い週末をお過ごしください^^ 私も明日のサイン会頑張ってきます~^^;

***Love, Amy***

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