Handbag for my mom-in-law (and the zoo)

I can't believe it's already been a week since I last posted here. 
I've been making things almost everyday, but I just couldn't find time to sit in front of my computer and enjoy blog posting... :(   

Because of the time lapse, it took me a while to figure out what to post here today, as I almost lost track of things that I've posted already and the ones I haven't yet.  Well, the *memory loss*  may be due to the simple time lapse, or maybe it's just part of my aging...  ha ha :P 

Anyways, today I'd like to post about this zipper handbag that I made for my mother-in-law recently.    I used this Japanese print with pink roses and blue birds on a navy background.  I think this fabric suits my mom-in-law's image - Oriental taste with a modern touch.

 The shape of this handbag is exactly the same with these pleated wristlet clutches that I previously made for my shop, using 9 inch zippers for the opening.   

The only difference is that instead of the wristlet handles sewn to just one side of the bag (as shown on the below left), I attached two bag handles to this one (to the below right), to be used as a shoulder handbag.

Just like the pleated wristlet clutches, this handbag is roomy enough to carry cosmetics, keys, cell phone, etc. inside... although my mom-in-law does not own a cell phone of her own ;)   Oh, did I mention that she is 80 years old?  (But she looks way younger than her age.)

I hope she likes the bag :)

Besides my usual crafting/sewing stuff, today I wanted to share with you some of the pictures of the animals that we enjoyed looking at the San Diego Zoo that we visited over the past weekend. 

San Diego is located at approximately 2 hours drive south of the Los Angeles area, and this zoo is a home to 4000 rare and endangered animals, including giant pandas.  This is a very fun and exciting place to visit, especially if you have kids!  Highly recommended!

 One of our favorites at the zoo were these polar bears... They were so playful in the water, chasing with each other and having fun!

And koala bears... Many of them were sleeping on the eucalyptus tree like this.

And of course, the giant pandas!!  Oh my gosh, they were so cute!! 

And my personal favorite were these meer cats, taking naps comfortably together  under the sun...  Oh how much I wanted to join them and take naps together... he he!

I took more animal pictures at the zoo, but I shall stop here before I turn this blog into an animal blog ;)

Thanks for reading and hope you continue to enjoy your week!


cocostitch said...

コアラ、可愛いですね。むっちりしてて抱っこしてみたいです。meer cats、さすがcatsの仲間だけあってグータラ具合というか、日向ぼっこの感じが猫そっくりですね。ウチの猫も写真のように大股開きで、お腹丸出しで寝ています。和みますよね~。

Unknown said...

コアラももちろん可愛かったですが、cocostitchさんにmeer cats の可愛さをわかってもらえて嬉しいです☆というのも、動物園ではうちの家族は皆パンダやシロクマなど他の動物達に夢中で誰もmeer cats の良さをわかってくれなかったんです~。そうそう、猫ちゃんたちと同様、このゆるい感じが良いんですよね♪♪

ayumills said...

The bag for your mother-in-law is BEAUTIFUL! I have no doubt that she will love it! And thank you for sharing those pictures that you took at the zoo! Koala is soooo cute!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Ayumi chan! See, it's not always easy to please my mother-in-law... but I hope she likes this one!

And yes, the koalas were so cute! I highly recommend that you visit S.D. Zoo one of those days with your hubby! 大人でも充分に楽しめるのでオススメですよ~♪

PY said...

Amy, The bags are just beautiful !
I am going to ChengDu, China next month. I will be seeing those lovely pandas again ! :)

Unknown said...

PY - Lucky you to be able to visit China to see the premium (non-imported) pandas!! lol

Wishing you the best on your upcoming trip!


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