Day 2 of Zakka Handmades Blog Tour - In Color Order ブログツアー2日目♪

Adorable George ウサギのジョージ君

Today is Day 2 of Zakka Handmades Blog Tour and guess who is sharing her thoughts about my book? It's Jeni of In Color Order!  She's even sharing her zakka creation from my book, so hop on over to her blog to check it out!

Note by author: Zakka(雑貨) in Japanese refers to small household goods used in everyday life. Handmade zakka adds charming and meaningful touch to our daily tasks!

今日は私の著書 Zakka Handmadesブログツアー2日目です♪ 今日は In Color Order のジェニーさんが私の本をブログで紹介してくださっています。 今回、ジェニーさんは私の著書に掲載されている雑貨作品も作ってくださったのでそちらも必見です!→☆


As we all know, Jeni is a super talented quilter, instructor, sewing designer, fabric designer... and she has the cutest bunny named George! (Cute image at the top!)

To honor George, I decided to share with you some of my bunny related creations that I've made over the years...



Hopping bunny eraser stamp carved by me


More hand-carved eraser stamps of bunny, bird, star, and more 


Bunny softie and a bib set for baby


Peter Rabbit machine-appliqued pot holder


And here's an image of Bunny or Panda Soft Ring Toy from my book!


And don't forget to leave a comment on Jeni's post to win a copy of my book ;) 

And the blog tour continues...

6/24/13 - Kerry verykerryberry  (interview post)
6/26/13  Jeni In Color Order 
6/28/13  Sachiko Tea Rose Home 
7/1/13 – Amber One Shabby Chick 
7/3/13 – Kristen Feeling Stitchy 
7/5/13 – Hiromi Harujion Design 
7/8/13 – Amy nanaCompany 
7/10/13 – Lisa and Sarah A Spoonful of Sugar 
7/12/13 – Mette Erleperle   
7/15/13 – Sarah and Rachel Roxy Creations 
7/17/13 - Anna Noodlehead 

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!


***Love, Amy***

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pratima said...

Your bunny inspired projects are so sweet! It is hard to pick which one is favorite. I love them all!


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