Crochet flower brooch

crochet flower brooch, originally uploaded by chick chick sewing.

I had been pretty busy lately and was not able to find time for crafting (help!) but I managed to make this crochet flower brooch.  I used the leftover yarns and placed a matching covered button in the middle.

This is how the backside looks like (I sewed the pin on to it):

On my bag, it looks like this:

No matter how busy I am, making something small as this crochet brooch helps keep my sanity... Crafting for me is definitely a stress reliever.   Happy crafting!


Unknown said...

Such a cute touch on a lovely bag! I know what you mean about crafting saving your sanity - it has saved what's left of mine many a time :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sam :) Well, I guess we should just keep on crafting until who knows when just to keep ourselves sane enough!

Mika said...

I love this double flowered brooch! I was wondering what tutorial you followed to do this flower. Arigato!


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