Cozies for everything

pocket tissue cozy, originally uploaded by chick chick sewing.

It seems like Japanese people like to put on cozies and covers for everything around the house. When I was growing up in Japan, it was quite common to find fabric cozies and covers (and sometimes knitted/crochet ones) in our households on door knobs, home phones, fax machines, toilet covers, tissue boxes, car keys, trash bins, toilet paper rolls... and yes, sometimes it goes way too far and crazy, putting cozies on everything imaginable!

I think pocket tissue cozies are one of the fairly common and practical "cozies" here in the states, too. (Don't you think so?)  I made this one using some of my scrap fabrics. I like the combination of navy/white polka dots and the "writing" fabric.  I like to make these small projects that I can complete in few hours, or even less, because of my short atttention span...

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