Granny squares made by granny

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This is a handmade bedspread hand crocheted by my mom. She made this for my younger daughter's seventh birthday earlier this year. I counted the number of granny squares in this project, and there were 322 of them!! OMG!! And more surprisingly, it only took her a week or two to complete this...With that kind of speed work, I guess I can call her the "granny square machine"... ;)

When I was growing up, I never knew that my mom knew how to crochet. She was always working hard with my dad to run the family business (they owned a small factory in Japan) and she was also very busy taking care of her children (myself being the oldest, we had five wild kids in our household).   I had never seen her doing any sort of crafting, including crocheting, back then.

But now that my mom is half retired, she has more time for herself and enjoys making crocheted gifts for her friends and family.  Here are more pics.

Our daughter really likes this handmade gift.  Thanks, granny, for the grannies!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful gift, she is very talented with colour - a gift that you have inherited!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sam, for your nice comments, always. I will let my mom know of your comments and she will be sooo happy!


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