Hand carved eraser stamps

I've always wanted to try stamp carving using erasers.   There are really good instructions out there on crafters' blogs on how to carve eraser stamps, like this one from mairuru  (in English) and this one from matatabi (in Japanese) and there are also many other good craft books in Japanese about making eraser stamps.

So, I gave it a try.   These are the eraser stamps that I carved over the past few days.  I found it especially difficult to carve small areas (like the eyes).  There are many many flaws, and I know that I need to continue practicing to improve my stamp carving skills, but I enjoyed making these.   I used these stamp pads that can be used on fabrics. (I'm trying to make my own "tags" to use for my handmade items).

Happy stamping!


Unknown said...

I'm trying stamp carving at the moment too, with not nearly as good results as you! I have a lovely Japanese stamp carving book but unfortunately I can't read Japanese (the pics are fantastic though). I guess it is a case of keep practising. Good job!

Unknown said...

Thanks again, Sam :) And I'd like to see your stamp projects on your flickr and/or blog one of these days! By the way I like your embroidery projects, they are very elaborate and lovely.

Unknown said...

Thank you :-) I will post pics of my stamps as soon as I make one I'm happy with.

Meeks said...

Hi Amy. I love this idea! I am going to put this post on "5 Great Finds" tonight. I hope you don't mind if I put a photo of the eraser stamps to go with the link back to your post.

Jya ne!

Unknown said...

Konnichiwa, Meeks!! Thanks for considering to include this post into your "5 Great Finds"!! I'm excited!! Arigato ;)


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