Far Far Away fabric

I got these Heather Ross fabric called Far Far Away sometime ago. It is a beautiful fabric and it is double gauze. This was my first attempt to sew something with double gauze, and I'll tell you it's a major challenge! But, it's also the most comfortable fabric you can imagine.  It is very soft and comfy.

I made a pillow case and a small scarf using these double gauze.  The pillow case is made up of 1/2 yard length of fabric, 1/4 yd for the front, and another 1/4 yd for the back.  Different designs are used for the front and back of the pillow.  Here is how the back side looks like (the front side is shown above).

I also made a scarf with the blue fabric.  It's kind of short (I fully used up the 1/4 yd) but it wraps my neck area nicely.

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