Crochet + patchwork fabric bag

This is what I had been working on in my spare time.  Crocheted bottom + patchwork fabric = drawstring bag.   For the fabric part, I picked up small pieces of blue-ish fabric and linen squares from my fabric scraps and pieced them together. 

For the crocheted bottom, I used two cotton strands of yarns (light blue and white) to crocheted them  into a round shape with some depth.   This is my second attempt to combine crochet and fabric into a drawstring bag.  The first one was a smaller pouch than this one. 

View from another side.  

Bottom round

I placed a handmade "ribbon" tag on the side.  I stamped a ribbon stamp on to a cotton tape, and the stamp is a handcarved eraser stamp, made by me a while ago.

Inside is light blue/white gingham check.

It's a pretty tall drawstring bag, measuring about 9 inches or 22.75 cm in height.  I placed my cell phone next to the bag to give you an approximate size of this bag.  It's roomy enough to easily carry my cell phone, wallet, and car keys inside.

I can put my wallet, keys, and my cell phone easily into the bag.

View of the drawstring opened.

I really like the spring taste of this bag.  Hope you have a relaxing weekend :)


Sam said...

Such a cute bag - I love the fabrics you chose!

PY said...

Your patchwork drawstring bag is really nice and cute.I like it very much. I like you homade tag too, the little red ribbon looked so sweet!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sam and PY, for your nice comments always :) I love to crochet and I love to sew, so this pouch was a really good project for me to make (I was able to do both!)


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