Patchwork tissue box cover

Over the weekend, I made this patchwork tissue box cover with a drawstring opening.  Remember this hanging tissue box covers I made earlier for our minivan?  These tissue box covers are convenient because it can be hung in the car, in the kitchen, or anywhere else where space is limited.  Well, this time, I made this tissue box cover for my sister in Japan, to fit the Japanese tissue box sizes.

View of back side

Did you know that the tissue box size is so much smaller in Japan than it is in the U.S.?  As you can see below, shown to the right (the taller one) is the U.S. tissue box size that we use in our household, which is 4 inches or approx 10 cm tall, and to the left is the Japanese size, which is only 2 inches or 5 cm tall.  

So before I made the Japanese size tissue box cover for my sister, the first thing I did was to create a Japanese size box using the U.S. size that we have in our house.  I guess I am so used to the everything-jumbo-American sizes now, from a large meal serving at our local restaurant to king size beds and even big people (!!) around here, the Japanese size tissue box seem really small to me now... Although I'm a small Japanese girl with only 5 ft 1 inch or 153 cm in height... :P


ayumills said...

Those tissue box covers are so cute! I'm sure your sister will love it!!!
I know how you feel about everything being big here. 初めてアメリカのミルクを見たときはなんて大きいんだとビックリしましたが、今では当たり前のサイズになってしまって、日本のがミニに感じます(笑)♪ あ、私も身長同じで~す♪♪

Unknown said...

Thank you, ayumills, for your comments.I was able to use up some of my ever growing fabric stash to make this tissue box cover, which was nice ;)

それにしても、なんと、ayumills さんとは身長が同じとは嬉しい限りです~。でっかいアメリカ人と一緒に並ぶと私なんてまるでチビッコですが、そんな状況にも今ではすっかり慣れました…笑! またそちらのブログにも遊びに行かせて下さいね♪

cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

cocostitchさん、こんにちは! 単位の違い、私もなかなか慣れませんよ~。 私もせいぜい、インチと(最近は華氏での気温も)にはなんとか慣れてきましたが、例えば子供達から学校の宿題で、ママ、1ガロンは何Pint?なんて聞かれた時は、???ですよ~。(実際には1ガロン=8Pintらしいです)。 



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