Happy Girls' Day

March 3rd is the Girls' Day, or Doll Festival, in Japan.  We have two girls in our household, and every year we celebrate the Girls' Day by displaying few of the traditional Japanese dolls in our house, along with many of the handmade ones made by our girls :)   And this is how one corner of our living room looks like right now.  As you can see, each doll set comes with the Emperor and the Empress.

Besides displaying traditional dolls,  we plan to have some simple sushi, drink clam soup, and have some sweet cakes for dessert for the Girls' day dinner.

Here are some of the close ups of our doll sets.

And these are the handmade ones (mostly made by our girls several years ago while they were still in preschool)

Happy Girls Day to all of the girls out there : )


Sam said...

Happy Girl Day to you!

Mette said...

How fun to hear about girls day. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sam and Mette!!


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