Little pouch with French fabric

I think I've made a quite number of pouches recently, but I normally give them away as gifts, so this time I decided to whip up a simple pouch for myself.

I used natural linen +  blue French country prints, from the "Souleiado" brand that I got in Japan.   Souleiado is a French fabric, made in Provence, southern France.   Their prints are simple yet elegant, and they are very popular in Japan, just like the Liberty of London fabrics from England.   

However, unfortunately,  Souleiado fabrics are not sold here in the U.S. (at least in my area), so this piece of fabric was very precious to me... and so I didn't have enough courage to cut it for a while!

Lining is navy x white polka dots

I placed a matching tag on the side.

 Side view

It can hold many many crochet hooks, pencils, pens, and other small necessities in my bag.

Now I'm thinking that maybe I should of made this pouch a little bigger in size... Oh well, maybe next time. Yet I really like the simplicity of this pouch.


cocostitch said...


Unknown said...


ところでイベントに向けて頑張ってらっしゃいますね。すごいな~。きっとイベント終了する頃にはCocostitchさんもすっかりポーチ名人ですね。ああ、ご近所だったら是非是非イベントに足を運びたいな~。 陰ながら応援してます♪ 引き続き頑張って下さい!!

Sam said...

It sure is lovely fabric! I get that same feeling when I cut into precious fabric too. You made a beautiful pouch :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sam :) This French fabric was pretty costly, and I was able to buy only a tiny bit of it. And because of my stinginess I just couldn't cut it for a loooong time!! But I'm glad I finally did ;)


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