Handmade coasters

For a quick gift to my girlfriend, I made these coasters using linen + some fabric scraps.   To add  some personal touch to them, I stamped five different stamps on to each coaster... stamps of rose, ribbon, clover, cherry and a musical note.  These are hand carved eraser stamps that I carved a while ago. 

Close up of the stamps

And here are some pics of my niece's favorite polar bear guy... I sewed a simple clothes (or quite simply, a "tube" wear) and a scarf (with pom poms) for this guy, using fleece.   According to my niece in Japan, this polar bear guy's name is "Jun".  But I totally assumed that he was a dog, and not a polar bear, while I sewed up a clothing for him ;-)  lol

He's looks so comfy, sleeping on a handmade crochet blanket, made by my mom (my niece's grandma), while wearing a fleece wear, made by me (her aunty)!  

By the way, today is my niece's birthday, and I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to her!  Hope you have a great one, sweet girl.  ジュンと楽しい誕生日を過ごしてね♪


PY said...

Your handcraved stamps really make your coasters look cute ! I like them very much !

Unknown said...

Thanks! My handcarved stamps has flaws and they are not even close to being perfect, but I still like to use them on my sewn projects :)


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