Liberty tote bag and a Japanese Liberty prints book

I made this tote bag over the weekend.  The fabric used is Liberty of London floral prints...

It can be used as reversible, too. (It has a linen lining).

But actually, I did not make this tote bag from scratch... The (finished) tote bag came with this Japanese book that I recently purchased. 

Book title: LIBERTY PRINT 1875-2010 SPRING

ISBN-10: 4796675604 

Inside the book are images of various Liberty prints, the Liberty designers, and some craft tutorials on how to make sewing projects using Liberty prints.   It's a beautiful book, and I'm loving every page of the book.

However, the Liberty tote bag that came with the book was a really thin bag (just like a pillow case!) with cheap lining and no batting whatsoever!   I didn't think the bag was sturdy enough to hold my everyday stuff
: (

Therefore, I did a minor makeover of this tote bag by pulling the bag apart (as shown below), using my seam ripper.  I then added some batting, linen lining, and a few pockets to the inside of the bag...

And this is how the inside of the bag looks like, after the makeover.  With a medium weight batting,  linen lining,  and a couple of inside pockets, the bag is now sturdy enough to be used  everyday by me (not a pillow case anymore!) 

another view

I also handmade this crochet flower charm, with organic cotton yarn, with a linen covered button and some lace.

I think it goes well with the Liberty tote bag... what do you think?


Sam said...

You did a beautiful job! That looks like a nice book too :-)

PY said...

A nice piece of work. May I know the size of this bag ? The crochet flower charm is cute !

Unknown said...

Thanks, ladies, for your nice comments always. It really brightens up my day to read comments from you, Sam and PY!

PY - the size of this bag is approx. 9 inches x 9 inches (or 23 cm x 23 cm) in height and length. The width of the bag is 3.5 inches (or 9 cm). If I was able to make this bag from scratch, I think I made it a little bit bigger than this one (I carry many things ;)

cocostitch said...

ohhhhhh!!! りバティ!!こんな本、あったんですねー。

Mel G said...

The flower charm goes perfectly with the bag. Fabulous job!

Unknown said...

Thanks, cocostitch! この本は比較的最近出版された本で、こちらの本屋さんで20ドル位だったと思います。確かに日本の本は高い…でもこの本はバッグ付だったので出版される前から狙っていたんですよ~。

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mel G, for your nice comments :)

nest full of eggs said...

lovely reversible bag !
looks like a very interesting book

Unknown said...

Thanks, saganaga, for visiting my blog and your nice comments!


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