More granny squares by our granny

Do you remember my earlier post about this handmade granny square bedspread crocheted by my mom in Japan for our younger daughter?   Well, this granny square bedspread shown above is also handmade by my mom, this time for our older daughter's tenth birthday that we celebrated a few weeks ago.  

I haven't had a chance to count all the number of granny squares on this crocheted bedspread, but I think there are about 200 of them...  What amazes me is her crocheting speed, it only took her about a week or two to crochet this entire bedspread!!  And she normally makes a couple of these large crochet projects for her family members and friends in one (winter) season...  That's why I call her the "crochet machine" =P

Another view (placed on sofa)

More view (spreaded out on the carpet)

By the way, this winter has been a rainy and chilly one even here in Southern California, but look what I found today in our backyard.  Our peach tree is starting to blossom!  Spring has come, which makes me in a really good mood  :)


PY said...

So colourful and beautiful ! Oh ! I love it ! Your girl is so lucky to get such a lovely gift from her grandma.

Sam said...

Wow, what a beautiful gift! I love the colours of this blanket. And I'm glad you are enjoying your first signs of spring.

Of course, it is the complete opposite over here weather-wise. Perth has had an extremely hot summer and I am really loving the first signs of autumn (although we are expecting more heat this weekend).

cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

Hi, PY! Yes, my daughters are very lucky to receive such a heartwarming gift from their grandma. I wish that she had made me one of these blankets when I was a growing up!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sam, I love the colors of the blanket, too. I think my mom likes happy and cheerful colors, just like I do ;)

It's hard to imagine that you are enjoying the first signs of Autumn(!) over there, while I'm enjoyiong the first signs of Spring here...:)

Unknown said...

cocostitchさんも編み物されてたんですね~。また再開されたら楽しいかもしれませんよ。 編み物は、周りに小さな子供がいても安全だし(ハサミや針を使わない分)、かぎ針一本+毛糸があればどこでもできるので、ちょっと、したすきま時間に出来るところが気に入っています。



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