Strawberry & green dots pencil case

Yesterday, our 10 year old daughter came back from school with an invitation card to her friend's birthday party.  She was so excited about the party, which also made me happy, until I figured out that the party was scheduled the next day (which is, oh boy, today!) 

So last night after the kids went to bed, I quickly whipped up this small pouch with handles for the birthday girl.  The birthday girl's favorite color is green (according to my daughter) so I chose green polka dots fabric, along with the cheerful strawberry fabric that I think is perfect for this spring season.

The pouch will be used as a pencil case (most likely).

The handles and the inside are bright pink.

My daughter joyfully left for her friend's party just now.  And I was so glad that I was able to finish up the gift by this morning.  Few!  Now, I just hope the girl likes the gift :)


PY said...

Such a sweet and lovely pencil case! I am sure the girl was happy to get this present for her birthday.

PY said...

Did you use a batting between the outer fabric and the lining?

Unknown said...

Thank you, PY! Yes, I used a fleece batting in-between the two fabrics when making this pouch. The fleece batting adds a soft feel to the pouch, as well as the protection for whatever is placed inside the pouch.

And according to my daughter, today's birthday girl seemed to like the handmade gift (which made both myself and my daughter happy :)

gazimama said...

chick chickさん、とても良いママでいらっしゃいます。娘さんも幸せだな~。あのペンシルケースをもらったらお友達は相当嬉しいと思います。「素敵なママで羨ましいわ」と評判間違いなし!緑とピンクの組み合わせは私も好きです。ピンクは茶色とかとあわせるとしつこくなくなりますよねっ!!


Unknown said...


今回は小規模なお誕生日会でほんの数人の女の子のみの参加だったらしいのですが、他のお子さんたちは主にギフト券をプレゼントされたらしく、しかも25ドル相当とか…。あのー、うちのギフトの原価はその半分にも及ばないんですが…と思い、後ろめたくなりましたが(汗)。でも、バースデーガールちゃんがとても気に入ってくれたらしいのでホッと一安心です。 娘のお友達への手作りギフトもあと何年続けられるか?わかりませんが、娘たちが嫌がらないうちは続けようと思っています。

Sam said...

Lovely, chick chick! Aren't pink and green gorgeous together? I bet the girl loved her gift :-)

Unknown said...

Sam, you're right. Pink and green go gorgeous together. It's such a happy combination :)


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